KRE-O Star Trek Toys Revealed At Toy Fair 2013!
Image courtesy of Star Trek.Com

KRE-O Star Trek Toys Revealed At Toy Fair 2013!

Image courtesy of Star Trek.Com
Image courtesy of Star Trek.Com

Though I’m not able to pick up as many new LEGO sets as I want to these days due to time and money, I have found this past year that I’m torn between picking up new building brick sets by the additional choices offered by KRE-O. Should I grab that LEGO Universal Monsters inspired set or the Transformers KRE-O set? Tough choices to be made in the toy aisle to determine what will be displayed on my shelf.

Now the choice is about to get a wee bit harder thanks to the option of building my very own KRE-O U.S.S. Enterprise and that is not the only set that will be offered from the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness line.

From the Press Release: KRE-O STAR TREK U.S.S. ENTERPRISE Building Set
(Ages 9 years & up /Approx. Retail Price: $69.99/Available: May 2013)

Explore the final frontier with the crew of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE, the iconic ship from the STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS movie. Inspired by the ship featured in the film, the KRE-O STAR TREK U.S.S. ENTERPRISE is 18-inches long and is the first KRE-O set that actually lights up featuring LIGHTTECH! Explore the bridge interior play area, glowing warp engines, and launch a projectile from a lighted photon torpedo. Kids and fans alike will be excited to join KREON figures of CAPTAIN KIRK, SPOCK, and DR. MCCOY on the bridge to defend against two villain KREON figures. Set includes 432 pieces and five KREON figures. Requires three AAA Alkaline batteries. Batteries not included.

I’ve not shared the rest of the photos as to avoid any potential spoilers for the upcoming movie but you can see them for yourself if you choose by visiting StarTrek.Com!


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  1. KRE-O is actually a rebranding of a lego clone company “oxford”, which is known to be a high quality clone. It’s a mystery why hasbro didn’t either continue with their own built to rule brand, or strike a deal with either lego or mega blocks.
    To add to the confusion; Hasbro started the KRE-O kits with transformers, but takara (the owners of transformers in japan) already has a deal going with diablock to make transformers brick sets. (Diablock is the company which made loc blocs and brix blox here in the US back in the 80s.) It is understandable though why hasbro didn’t go with diablock, 1) diablock bricks are incompatible with lego/mega blocks, which completely dominate the american market and 2) diablock hasn’t had a noticable presence in the US since the 80s. (You might think KRE-O/oxford don’t either, but you can find oxford sets in bargain stores, look for a logo that’s a red square with a fat yellow guy with one of those professor/graduation hats on.)
    One advantage diablock has over KRE-O is that the figures actually transform when built, whereas KRE-O transformers only “transform” by being disassembled & reassembled. On the flipside, the diablock figures look noticably fuglier, so… *shrug*

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