Time for some High Adventure from Music De’Wolfe.


Sometime last year, I started posting random videos on a new YouTube channel called “Video Archive Project“. I had planned on keeping it updated but life got busy and as you all know, updating your content takes a lot of hard work – that’s why we love guys like The Retroist.

However, one of the bits I posted was a library track off of a Music De’ Wolfe LP I swiped at my film school that had very sentimental value. The song, Banana Split, was enjoyed by many and is posted here on Retroist! Then just a few days ago, two YouTubers asked me to post ANOTHER track off the same album. (It was smart that used a scan of the LP’s label, huh?) Apparently, it’s a big NFL Films tune – not surprising as NFL Films employed the use of a lot of library music.

So, since I’m laid up with the flu, I thought it was a good way to pass the time and oblige some fans. And I thought you could also enjoy it here. My take on this piece of awesome synthy march music — it gives me a 70s neon medieval fantasy sounding vibe. What about you guys?

Patrick J. Doody

Patrick J. Doody is a horror nerd and Mexican Pepsi enthusiast living in Los Angeles.He writes movies and makes TV shows. Check out his latest endeavor, Beyond Stranger Things streaming on Netflix.

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