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Gear Up! Sega Game Gear Ad

The Sega Game Gear was Sega’s first handheld game console and the third commercially available color handheld, after the Atari Lynx and the TurboExpress. While the Game Gear had some great specs and an impressive list of games, in the end it could not compete with the more dependable and lower priced Game Boy.

sega game gear ad


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One thought on “Gear Up! Sega Game Gear Ad

  1. Funny how that works; better isn’t always better… Same thing happened to the Sega DreamCast, which I consider to be better than the PlayStation 2. However, there’s more than one reason why it didn’t take off.

    So the other day, a coworker gave me a Game Gear cartridge. I don’t have a Game Gear, but ever since, I’ve been eyeing them on ebay and in time will add it to my collection :) Sega made some really good hardware!

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