explorer 1 glass

Early US Spaceflight Glass Set

explorer 1 glass

I was very luck growing up in a home with parents who appreciated and celebrated America’s achievements in Space. They saved newspapers and bought trinkets and doodads all of which I loved looking at. One thing that was off limits were the glasses celebrating various NASA programs. I was forbidden to even touch them. This of course made them much more attractive. On the night after a successful rocket launch I would see on TV, I would sneak downstairs and sneak a celebratory glass of milk from an Apollo glass that I really liked, then I would clean it and put it back on the shelf. Why did this memory come flooding back to me? I spotted this set of Early US Spaceflight Glasses on Hake’s this morning.

According to Hake’s:

4″ tall. Four images and text below. Includes “Explorer 1/First U.S. Orbital Flight Jan. 31, 1958; U.S. Animal Test Flight ‘Enos’ Nov. 29, 1961; First U.S. Spaceman Allen B. Shepherd, Jr. May 5, 1961; Longest U.S. Manned Flight L. Gordon Cooper Jr. May 15-16, 1963.” Scarce and Exc.

Early US Spaceflight Glass Set @ Hake’s


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