Do You Have The Honor, Courage And Respect To Join…COBRA?!

Do You Have The Honor, Courage And Respect To Join…COBRA?!

Hail Cobra
In my youth I loved the world that the G.I. Joe toys, comics, cereal, and animated series allowed me to visit pretty much on a daily basis. I had my favorite Joe characters that I could always rely on leading their team on successful missions against the forces of COBRA, saving the day and protecting the Freedom of my toy box for another day.

I can recall one afternoon when my Father asked as he headed to the kitchen if I was planning on joining G.I. Joe when I grew up and I told him that I was not…I was going to join COBRA. This caused my Father to pause and ask why would I want to join the bad guys? I told him that COBRA had better equipment and more interesting personalities (Like Big Boa and Raptor) but what they were lacking was true leadership.

This caused my Father a bit of unease to be quite honest. I remember him asking me to put my toys away for a moment and we were going to have a talk. Uh Oh. He then began to explain to me what a terrorist organization really was and how the Joe forces were what I should strive to be like. I then let him know that I wanted to join COBRA and become its new leader so I could turn them into a force of good. This put my Father at ease and I was allowed to go back to my playing.

He bought my ruse. Mwa-Ha-Ha!

Yesterday this communique was delivered to my computer and while it might have the great actor David Keith (The Thing, Quick and the Dead) narrating what may look like a commercial…I think it’s a wake up call…it’s time to see if I’m truly destined to rule COBRA!

[via] Reckless Tortuga

I’m not sure if G.I. Joe: Retaliation will be everything that I want it to be but I appreciate this type of viral marketing.


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  1. I was getting pretty concerned about this movie. I thought the first one was okay, but the delays for this second film seemed to spell certain doom. Then this trailer hit, and I’m again enthused about the possibilities. And Vic – how right you were. Whether its COBRA, Darth Vader, or the Cylons – the bad guys always manage to exude a certain cool factor that the good guys often can’t match.

  2. I have my doubts about this film, but this is a heck of a marketing piece.

    All Hail Vic Commander (what is your Cobra name anyway?)

  3. I’m confused. Didn’t this come out already?

  4. Doug, you are not confused my friend. I originally wrote G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra in my haste to post it instead of G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

    Retroist, I wondered what codename I would be assigned if I joined COBRA…I mean when I joined COBRA. I assume I would have to work my way up the ranks, should take about a week taking into account my fellow soldiers…but a handy name generator was supplied and it came up as Dread Shell…so I’m thinking I’ll go for a heavy artillery guy.

    This is the part where all of you great artists whip up a handy print for me to share on the site. Let’s put it on a file card! :)

  5. NICE!! I enjoyed getting the backstory for the evil overlord who mentors me to this day. How are the benefits at Cobra by the way? 90 day waiting period? Again, wonderful post my friend! And now…Away!!! *throws smoke bomb at the floor and runs away (still clearly visible)*

  6. The benefits, CW? Mmm. I admit I like the endless supply of Slim Jim’s but the dental isn’t very good nor is the breakfast. Sssssausage and Ssssssspam. Bleh. ;)

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