Cheap Knock Off? Charlton Comics’ Konga!!

As a kid I loved all kinds of monster movies, even the bad ones. Konga and Gorgo were knockoffs of King Kong and Godzilla, both released in 1961. In the mid 70’s I saw both on TV, then ran across an issue of Charlton comics’ Konga in a second hand store. I saw an ad in it for Gorgo and the race was on to find back issues of both. Even though they were very hard to find, issues were usually very cheap and I had a decent run of them at one time. The primary artist was Steve Ditko, I loved his work, but it is not for everyone, and the writing was bland. Even so, I thought they were fun , considering they were a cheap adaptation of a knock-off. Read a story or two at the Charlton Library site:


[via] Charlton Library


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