A*P*E (1976)

The giant monkey film has, outside of a couple of obvious exceptions, a decidedly checkered track record. The ease in acquiring a costume has tempted many a cheapskate genre filmmaker into some questionable decisions.

They don’t come much more questionable (or cheaper) than A*P*E.


A joint Korean-American production, the story, such as it is, is basically a naked rip-off of King Kong, minus the Skull Island bit. Indeed, the Korean title translates to The Great Counterattack of King-Kong. But this Kong is a guy in a dimestore gorilla suit, of the type you’d see being used to promote a sketchy used car dealership. The effects are, overall, quite… special. The early scene in which the guy in the ape suit “wrestles” and obviously dead shark must be seen to be believed.

A*P*E actually starts out with a somewhat serious tone, but quickly descends into ludicrous camp. Overall, it’s a good for a laugh on a Sunday afternoon. Fortunately, it’s available in its entirety on YouTube, as I couldn’t recommend spending money on it.



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