Do you Remember Friday Night Videos?


Friday Night Videos (later known as Friday Night) was an American music video show broadcast on the NBC. It ran from July 29, 1983 to December 30, 2000, and was the network’s attempt to capitalize on the emerging popularity of music videos as seen on MTV. In 85 they started to include a guest host system that allowed for very interesting combination of people.

I spent many a late Friday night falling asleep to this show.


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5 thoughts on “Do you Remember Friday Night Videos?

  1. James Herington says:

    This brings back a wonderful memory, especially since I didn’t have MTV. It was a great “go to video” program

  2. Jon Nockels says:

    In Sioux City, IA you could turn on “Rock 98” and watch Friday Night Videos…IN STEREO! Ahhh, the future was wide open…

  3. Charles B. M. says:

    This show was a big deal for me in 1983. It didnt matter what was going on or where I was, I’d make sure I was on the bus in time to get home for FNV. They played so many premieres of videos for bands that ended up becoming hugely popular throughout the 80’s. I managed to score 3 entire episodes from 1983, all with zany 80’s commercials, in stereo, and at SVCD quality. Cant even begin to describe the great nostalgia factor there. I think someone has put at least one of these eps along with the commercials on youtube. Check it out…

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