Enjoy the Surreal Minimalism of Gary Numan’s, “Cars”

When discussing the 80’s one thing will always creep up…the subject of excess. Things were big in the 80’s, and this was reflected in the music videos of the time. In order to stand out, videos became bigger and bigger until they were Hollywood films in miniature. But not every video adhered to this formula, some stood out due to their lack of such extravagant trappings, and the best of those was Gary Numan‘s video for his hit song “Cars”.


“Cars” features a few fluorescent lights, a black drop cloth background, and…well, that’s it actually. And that’s all it needs. The starkness only enhances the other worldliness of Numan and his electronics drenched sound.

When I first caught a glimpse of Numan in the video, he might as well have been an alien or an android. There was no one that looked anything like him in the small rural town that I grew up in, but because of that fact, he became a revelation to my friends and I in much the same Bowie must have been when he debuted his Ziggy Stardust character nearly a decade before.

You can check out the surreal minimalism of “Cars” right here:


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Daniel XIII

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