Wendy’s Training Video – Do you got the Rapping Skillz to Flip Burgers?


I met Dave Thomas in the mid-1990s at a book signing at…wait for it…a Wendy’s. He was a nice guy and took a few minutes to talk to me about my favorite Wendy’s meal. The guy really seemed to have a passion for what he did. I am always impressed when I meet a person like that, be they bloggers or hamburger magnates. It’s a charge to be around them.

In 1989, Wendy’s released the this training video. I wonder if Dave saw it and what he thought? Did he say, “Well if that’s what kids are into” and shrug or was he tapping his foot to the rhythm, secretly dreaming a of new career in Hip Hop. Straight out of Dublin, OH…Yeeeeaaah boooyeeeeee!! Let’s do the 4 corner press.

Part 1 of Wendy’s Training Video

Be patient. The end of part 2 ends with a multi-outlet montage singalong. Its awesomeness on a bun with cheese.
Part 2 of Wendy’s Training Video

Don’t ruin our chili meat!!


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7 thoughts on “Wendy’s Training Video – Do you got the Rapping Skillz to Flip Burgers?

  1. CT says:

    I worked at Wendy’s for a few months while I was in college. It was during the summer and I’d work these super long shifts so I’d get a decent-sized break but not really enough time to leave and go actually do something. So I wound up watching videos from the training library for entertainment. There was one in particular that I wish I could see again. It was the video that taught employees how to bag food for to go orders.

    The kid starts on his first day at Wendy’s and he’s super excited about being there. He expresses his desire to work the grill but much to his dismay, his manager puts him on the bagging station. He is ticked off and just starts throwing the food in the bag without giving it any thought.

    When he goes home that night, he’s having trouble sleeping and he winds up being visited by “Zach The Bagging Angel” who, in some sort of Christmas Carolesque way, shows the kid all the meals he ruined by bagging the food incorrectly.

    The kid realizes the importance of bagging and the next day he goes back to work and is offered a chance to work the grill, but he turns it down to work the bagging station again.

    I need to find this video. It was amazing.

  2. iPadCary says:

    This is almost as good as “Don’t Copy That Floppy!”.

    No — no this is better.

    And I’d pay money to see that “Zach The Bagging Angel” video.

  3. Alphacentaurian says:

    I remember these training videos still being used in the 2000s. My favourite still is the courtroom drama video with “Rotten Ronald” :)

  4. The mixed quality of baked potatoes. The awesomeness of Chili Cheese French Fries and of course bacon cheeseburgers. What I liked about him is that he did not move me along, he seemed genuinely interested in what I liked and disliked about Wendy’s.

  5. They played this at an Everything Is Terrible event last summer in Los Angeles – before a screening of Hamburger The Motion Picture. The crowd loved it.

    I worked at Johnny Rocket’s and we had a pretty cheesy one as well that taught you all the dances. I wish I kept that VHS.

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