The International House of Pancakes Seemed so Exotic to me back in the 1980s


I grew up in New Jersey. New Jersey is Diner country, and that is no joke, we had diners everywhere. So when The International House of Pancakes opened up two towns over, many were skeptical. Among those skeptics was my Mother, who REFUSED to take us to a chain restaurant that could potentially pull business away from her beloved favorite diner. So I spent the 1980s looking at IHOP, the way I looked at Taco Bell or Bob’s Big Boy, as something people (usually from California) on TV ate and that I would never have.

It was hard to resist with commercials like this being run.


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2 thoughts on “The International House of Pancakes Seemed so Exotic to me back in the 1980s

  1. Cosmic Joker says:

    Did the waitresses from IHOP in the 80s and 90s really have to dress up like medieval bar wenches? Oh my kingdom for a time machine.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I both dream and dread stepping into a restaurant full of Groucho-glass-wearing patrons.

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