Imagic’s Cosmic Ark TV Ad (1982)

Image courtesy of AtariAge.Com

Image courtesy of AtariAge.Com

Last week we shared the rather frightening TV Commercial for Imagic’s Atlantis but this week we are taking a look at the rather more earthly TV ad for its sequel, Cosmic Ark.
[Via] Dig That Box RETRO

Did you notice who the older brother was in that commercial? That is Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) from A Christmas Story!
Update: Thanks to sharp-eyed reader Logan who correctly pointed that the older brother in the ad isn’t Peter Billingsley but Corky Pigeon from Silver Spoons!

So if you are now all fired up for taking on the challenge of Cosmic Ark you might want to watch this segment of How To Beat Video Games that the Retroist posted a few years ago for some tips on mastering the game.


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6 thoughts on “Imagic’s Cosmic Ark TV Ad (1982)

  1. vinvectrex says:

    Another great Imagic ad, and box cover. As a kid, I always thought that the Cosmic Ark on the box looked a bit like the space station from Jason of Star Command.

  2. Loved this game, played it for hours. Didn’t know it was the sequel to Atlantis. I like the idea of a sequel being a story sequel and not a game play sequel.

  3. @Doug Absolutely! I really wish there would have been a third chapter in the story of Atlantis…what could have happened after they had populated the Cosmic Ark? What type of game play might we have seen?

    @Justin They certainly stood out in design from the rest of the crowd didn’t they? You need to play this and Atlantis as soon as you can. :)

  4. Daniel Dacey says:

    I had both Cosmic Ark and Atlantis and actually preferred this game over Atlantis.

    What always amuses me in these old video game ads, is the kid is always waggling and pressing the button on the joystick is some weird crazy frenzy that has absolutely nothing to do with how you would play the game. You can imagine the director who is not a game player telling the kid to do it as it looks more exciting and like he/she is really playing the game. Of course to a gamer like most of us were at the time, this is about as realistic as every movie PC that made Apple Mac sounds.

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