Retro TV and Movie Brand Ad Campaigns You will Wish were Real

Tristan Brookes-Perrin has put together advertising concepts for retro brands from some of your favorite TV shows and movies. Each one is wonderful and makes me wish that at least one of these was real (especially McDowell’s and Walley World). I hope that Tristan keeps at this and maybe does some ad campaign for everyone’s favorite radio station, WKRP in Cincinatti or maybe a Yellow Pages ad for Mr. Thomas Magnum PI.

What brands would you like to see an ad campaign for?

UPDATED 1/28/2013
Tristan made some new ads, including this new featured on for WKRP and ones for Duke & Duke from Trading Places and Adams College from Revenge of the Nerds.



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5 thoughts on “Retro TV and Movie Brand Ad Campaigns You will Wish were Real

  1. TheSixMillionDollarJedi says:

    I’d like to see one for Protovision. Lightman flips through a catalogue briefly in Wargames but it’s hard to make it out.

    To go along with Magnum, pretty much any TV characters that owned a detective business.

    Jefferson Cleaners
    Cunningham Hardware
    Arnold’s Drive-In

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