I’ve expressed my love for Takara’s Triple-Flips several times on Retroist.com. But they weren’t the only portable games out there in the 80s. There were also Flipsiders.

Milton Bradley’s Flipsider didn’t have as many games as a Triple-Flip. They only had one. However, they were built into a cassette tape. A neon cassette tape, no less, and nothing was cooler in the 80s than a neon cassette tape. There was also no need for dice, because the spinable spools served that purpose. And look at those packaging! There were no square sides for these guys. They were slanted all the way. Awesome.


The commercial says there were six, but a few more were added in the early 90s for a total somewhere around 20. There was Chopper Chase, Checkered Flag, Dragon Master, Danger Dive, Alien Assault, and, the one I would have been most interested in as a kid, Ghostly Estates. You can find a few of these on Ebay. They’re a little too high for something I’m just gonna stick in my 80s treasure box, but if you have someone who actually wants to play, you might want to pick on up.


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