Maria Shriver’s 1983 Interview of Mark Hamill where he Talks about the 9 Planned Star Wars Films


In 1983, Mark Hamill sat down with Maria Shriver for an interview about the upcoming, Return of the Jedi. He does not reveal any spoilers, but he does talk about the tight security around the film and speculates about the next 6 films. He also talks about what should have been his final appearance in the Star Wars series in the final 9th film in…2004.


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4 thoughts on “Maria Shriver’s 1983 Interview of Mark Hamill where he Talks about the 9 Planned Star Wars Films

  1. Badwolf says:

    THANK YOU! I’ve been trying to convince people that Star Wars was originally set up to be a trio of trilogies, with the droids being the only common element. I had read this is TIME magazine (I think after Star Wars and before Empire) but can’t find that story/issue anywhere. Now I have evidence of what I was saying.

    Things have obviously changed.

  2. Rory in San Antonio says:

    Badwolf – Time March 6, 1978 “George Lucas’ Galactic Empire” pg 82 in the section Show Business first mentions SW 2 and 10 more films.
    Time May 19, 1980 Vader portrait cover “‘ The Empire Strikes Back!” pg 69 sidebar “Only two of the main characters will appear in all nine films, and they are the robots. Artoo Detoo and Threepio. Says Lucas: “In effect, the story will be told through their eyes.””

    Also look at 1980 Today Show interview with Hamill and Ford by Jane Pauley.

    On YouTube check out – 12 More Star Wars movies predicted in 1979 – It’s a Kenner video for retailers in ’79.

    iPadCary – too? That’s not the way Lucas is, common misconception.


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