Get your VIC-20 for $299 at Canadian Tire (in 1983)

In the Summer of 1983, Canadian Tire was having a great special on the Commodore VIC-20, an impressive $299. Not sure why they put the word “friendly” in quotes, are they saying it really isn’t friendly? Curious.

If you bought it that week they threw in a BONUS EDU-pack with sports bags, binders, etc.



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2 thoughts on “Get your VIC-20 for $299 at Canadian Tire (in 1983)

  1. Perhaps things are more expensive in Canada, but at $299, even in 1983, this is WAY to expensive for such an under-powered computer.

    Ok, so maybe having the data cassette and tapes help, but don’t try to trick me into thinking this is a friendly device; that’s what the C64 is for :)

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