Tron Guy: Legacy

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Any fan of Tron knows of the legendary Tron Guy or Jay Maynard as he is known when he isn’t out protecting his fellow Programs on the Grid. Now thanks to Animation Bowz we have a salute to Tron Guy…and tell me truthfully… isn’t the ending of the video just heartbreaking?


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14 thoughts on “Tron Guy: Legacy

  1. That was just great! I just watched Tron with my kids yesterday.It was the first time they saw Tron, now I must bring them to the computer to watch this.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Is it just me, or isn’t that ending rather mocking and mean-spirited?
    I mean, the whole thing is so well-made and fun to watch, then…what the heck was that at the end?

    You seriously think anyone who has Tron dreams doesn’t jump for joy at the beginning of the day, however he or she performs on the Game Grid?

    I dunno.
    But 95% of that tribute to Tron and Jay is awesome.

  3. Atari, I didn’t take it as mocking or mean-spirited myself. I do think it’s sad though because what I took away from it is the dream of the Grid is heaven, even if you get derezzed from time to time and when Jay wakes up…it’s just not as awesome is it?

  4. VicSage my 10 year old really liked it, though my 7 & 5 year old weren’t that impressed. I’m actually about to watch Legacy with my oldest now :-)

  5. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Yeah, it’s subjective, I guess.

    I dunno, that was my first reaction this morning, and I thought I’d let the day drift me away from my opinion.
    But I just can’t stick the disjointed emotional ending of that production to the celebratory ride of Jay’s dream.

    I shouldn’t mention it, cuz I like folks enjoying things and I don’t think negative opinions matter as much as positive or factual ones.

    Eh, I just don’t like the idea of Tron Guy (or anyone) waking up in tears.

    If you’re a felled Grid player, you get back in there.

    Am I still typing out loud?
    I gotta stop.

    But I *really* appreciate seeing this, Vic.
    Love the animation and anything Tron-related gets my vote.

  6. I did not see it as mean-spirited, but I also was not 100% sure why he was crying. Was the dream so wonderful? Was it his fate in the dream? Was it having to wake into the non-TRON world? All 3?

    Great video.

  7. Spottedfeather says:

    I don’t know who the jerk is that made this video, but it’s not funny at all. I guess making fun of people and teasing them is acceptable these days. It’s a shame.

  8. It seems negative to me, but I’d have to know the intent of the creator to be sure. One thing I do know is that Tron guy cheated by having his cycle jump the light barriers. Or did that happen in Legacy?

  9. @sjgeek89 Let us know if your oldest cares for Tron: Legacy a bit more. Have you introduced them to Tron: Uprising yet by chance?

    @Atari My friend, I totally don’t see any of your observations as being negative and I agree with you 100% about negative comments/opinions mattering that much. Trust me. :)

    @Doug I recall there being some light cycle trail jumping…though I might be getting that confused with Uprising.

  10. @VicSage we didn’t make it through the entire movie, the little man stated to fall asleep so we are going to try and finish tomorrow. He did mention when I was putting him to bed that so far he liked the original better.

  11. Cyberziggy says:

    The way I see the ending is that Jay is reflecting on his life. He comes to realize that he’s spent a huge amount of his life absorbed with all things Tron. He eats, drinks, and yes… even sleeps Tron every single day. Looking into the mirror, he’s brought to tears at this realization… and the thought of what his life may have been without Tron.

    I could certainly be wrong, but that’s my interpretation of the ending.

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