Pac-Man Ice Cube Tray

For anyone who doesn’t think video games are “cool”, this may change your mind!

I think a tray full of these would go well in in either my Pac-Man mug or my Pac-Man Thermos! The only complaint I have is the obvious limitation of only being able to make four cubes at a time. And, at $12,99, it would be hard to own a stack of them.

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3 thoughts on “Pac-Man Ice Cube Tray

  1. Oooooo. Do you think the little indentations mean we can also make tiny ice dots?

    I’d like to see a time-lapse of a Pac-Man ice cube melting, along with the appropriate sound effect.

  2. mwentworth says:

    Hmmm, on one hand, I really want this, but my Space Invaders tray only cost around $7. I will probably just shop around for a while and forget all about it; very cool, though!

  3. $13 is pretty pricey for an ice cube tray.
    On the flipside though, I did an image search & that’s not a 4 “cube” tray, it’s 12 “cubes”. The entire box is the size of the full tray, it has a row of 4 pac cubes each at the top & bottom, plus one row of ghost cubes in the middle.

    It kinda reminds me of a pacman bath set I had as a kid, it had 4 ghost monster soaps & a pack sponge, and came packed (and was kept sotred) in a big tray somewhat similar to this ice cube one.
    It also reminds me of pacman ice cream bars from the same timeframe, and makes me think: Depending on how big those “cubes” are, you could use them as ice cream molds to make your own ice cream treats.

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