epyx california games

California Games by Epyx

My friend growing up had this for the Sega Master System. Many an afternoon was burned playing Footbag. With the time we spent on that, we probably could have mastered the actual thing.

epyx california games


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2 thoughts on “California Games by Epyx

  1. space toast says:

    Shared a similar experience with this game, but I owned it for the NES. My brother and I got quite good at footbag, most of the time we just tried to hit the seagulls passing by though. I also remember this game being a great for multi-player with more than one person, not many games at the time had that feature which made this a big favorite for sleepovers.

  2. Fraze says:

    I had this for my Lynx and my GameGear….MANY MANY hours spent playing this. I loved the surfing.

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