Automan Doc and Guest Spot

Automan Doc and Guest Spot

A couple days ago, we got a great pic of Automan by Sasa Bralic. I loved this show when it originally aired (I would have been 8?), and that picture encouraged me to look up some episodes. I couldn’t find any on YouTube (though there were some on Veoh, as Drahken told us). I did find the doc that Mizphit mentioned, though, and watched it last night.

One of the notable parts of the doc is the reference to the Laura Branigan guest spot. I had remembered the Branigan song “Self-Control” being on Knight Rider, but I hadn’t remembered this (if I had, I would have included it in my Promotional Cameos post). When I saw not only Branigan on the show but Automan playing guitar behind her and Thriller’s Ola Ray on backup, I was just overwhelmed with retro goodness. Things just seemed so fun back then, and they still look pretty fun today. You’re not only stopping crime but playing guitar behind Laura Branigan. At the same time! I’d be happy doing just one of those things!

By the way, not only did Automan have a car that could do 90 degree turns as well as a copter and a plane, but he was revealed to be an accomplished dancer in the doc, and my 2-year-old daughter just told me that Automan is “pretty”. So “Otto Mann” truly has everything, and TV is that much less to not have him.


Doug is a child of the 80s who was raised in Ohio and is now living the life of oblivion in the bay area of California.

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  1. The more I see of Automan, the more baffling its dismissal from our 80s tube-watch experience.
    It wasn’t the worst scripts (I think) and the look and feel were great.

    Maybe it’s my increasing fondness for some retro look-backs on that glittery, spandex decade.
    I know the Internet agrees with me, as it posted this fine doc for all to enjoy and ponder the greatness of Otto and Cursor.

    Thanks for the article, Doug.
    And I can tell your daughter is a future retro afficianado.

  2. Chuck Wagner uploaded it himself. That’s cool!

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