1983 Television Debut Of The Star Wars Arcade Game

Star Wars - Arcade Game
The Killer List Of Videogames lists Star Wars as #4 in the top 100 arcade games of all time and I think that’s a fair ranking. I’m glad that I didn’t catch this segment of “The Video Game Challenge” on TV back in 1983 because I would have probably ended up bugging the manager of our arcade every waking moment until the Star Wars Arcade Game arrived.

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5 thoughts on “1983 Television Debut Of The Star Wars Arcade Game

  1. vinvectrex says:

    As a young geek, my friends and I would argue over the merits of Star Trek versus Star Wars. But, when it came to arcade games, Star Wars was the hands down winner. This game has steadily been acquiring my quarters for 30 years.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Y’know, the first time I laid eyes on this game, I instantly became a Rebel Pilot, pawned a quarter off my dad, and played the best game I ever did on it.
    It was new, boldly identical to the movie, spoke in the voices of the cast (it seemed) and had me sit down for a full cockpit sound and feel experience of the Best Movie Ever Made (then and…I think some would agree…now).
    It was glorious.
    Might not have been a high score (though it was new and the numbers for it were low – my name went up there, somewhere), but that space station went up in ion blastwaves, and it was a memorable bonding moment between me and real family and also reel family.

    Afterwards, try as I may, the scores never went up much, the machines I encountered had angry dipswitch settings that made my quarter turn to the Dark Side within a minute, and the first time was gone and replaced by continuous pilot training missions, rather than successful Death Star runs.

    But just looking at it today brings back the sense of glorious innovation felt when that cabinet hit the cities.

  3. ammomojo says:

    Hands down the most memorable game of my childhood, and the one I rarely sucked at. My arcade had the sit down version and I still can hear the cast member voices likeit was yesterday.

  4. This was one of my very favorite arcade games. I couldn’t get enough of it. They had it at the roller skating rink that we went to. I remember playing that game more than I remember actually skating!

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