1980s Doctor Who Logo Wallpaper

As I slowly but surely making my way into the back catalog of Doctor Who, I have been browsing related websites and trying to get deeper into fandom. Step 1, find a wallpaper I like. This one by Benjamin Rose is prefect for me. I really like the starfield and I am impressed by the work he put into it. According to Rose:

The logo required some creative thinking…Before I had some 80s doctor who in my DVD collection – i had no large scale images of the ‘neon tube’ logo. So i found a crappy low-res image (i recall 70×90) and put the image through some CAD software and traced the logo out (nearly 2 hours work there) and was then able to scale it to any size (since the tracing was vector)

After that i converted the vector to a workable raster image (now about 1200×1500) and played around with it (yes simon – i played around with it) and stuck some glow effects onto it.

Here are the results (click on image for large version at deviantART):



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