Planet of the Apes Belt Buckle

Planet of the Apes was kind of a big deal. Not Star wars big deal maybe, but pretty big. A big enough deal that merchandise for the film were appearing in stores and of course on the pages of comics books. I was at the flea market this weekend and spotted one an Ape’s piece I have always wanted, the Planet of the Apes Belt Buckle. I have wanted one ever since I spotted one in the back of the old comics I used to buy.

[via] Hunter's Planet of the Apes Archive
[via] Hunter’s Planet of the Apes Archive

Unfortunately I was not able to negotiate the price down and will need to keep looking for one. I have seen a few online at more reasonable princes, this one is going for $35 on eBay.


The one I was trying to get had better color, so I can see why they wanted a good amount for it, but I will get it for a lower price. I must!


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