Planet of the Apes Belt Buckle

Planet of the Apes was kind of a big deal. Not Star wars big deal maybe, but pretty big. A big enough deal that merchandise for the film were appearing in stores and of course on the pages of comics books. I was at the flea market this weekend and spotted one an Ape’s piece I have always wanted, the Planet of the Apes Belt Buckle. I have wanted one ever since I spotted one in the back of the old comics I used to buy.

Unfortunately I was not able to negotiate the price down and will need to keep looking for one. I have seen a few online at more reasonable princes, this one is going for $35 on eBay.


The one I was trying to get had better color, so I can see why they wanted a good amount for it, but I will get it for a lower price. I must!


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3 thoughts on “Planet of the Apes Belt Buckle

  1. Prof. Mitch says:

    I am now the proud owner of this very belt buckle. My wife bought it for me as an anniversary present.

  2. bagelman says:

    I had an original planet of the apes belt and buckle from 1975. Mine got used and wasted. My brother has one. Absolutely minted and as new. Never ever worn. Out of interest anybody know how much this would be worth?

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