Kiss’ I Love It Loud is Perfect for those who Love it Loud!


In my last article, I discussed how Twisted Sister’s 1984 hit “We’re Not Gonna Take It” was feared to be a corrupting influence upon the youth of America by certain advocacy groups, but of course we knew that rock n’ roll’s real influence on our lives was to make us awesome! Need more proof of this? Then turn your gaze towards the video for Kiss’ 1982 classic “I Love It Loud”!

So what will you find in the video? Well, basically Kiss completely destroys a suburban home via their appearance on the family’s titanic beast of a floor model TV. Coffee cups explode, sheet rock is torn asunder, and parents are surprisingly nonplussed. Also their teenage son becomes a wide-eyed zombie that wanders into the fog enshrouded city streets to join his hard rock hypnotized brethren where they finally encounter an equally shiny eyed Kiss (mimicking the Creatures of the Night album cover). Additionally drummer Eric Carr’s drum set is apparently a tank, which truth be told is totally rad beyond words (I only wish that thing was on treads and came flying through that house like a cross between General Patton and the Kool-Aid Man).

In my opinion, you can never go wrong with Kiss. I’ve loved them since the mid-70’s, and they’ve never let me down (this isn’t even my first article about them for The Retroist!). So why not stand up and shout “I Love It Loud” with Gene, Paul and the boys…or at least check out the video here:

Once again, special thanks are given to our own Sean Hartter for the digital sorcery that he worked on my illustration for this article!

Stay Spooky!

Daniel XIII

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