Hop Along with your Spider-Man Hippity Hop!

When I was a kid, I owned a Spider-Man hippity hop. The concept was a large thick rubber ball with Spider-Man’s head and handles coming out of his head that gave him the look of having large ears. you would pretty much get on Spider-Man’s shoulders, grab his mutant ears, and bounce all over the place, up and down the hallway, for hours. I had tones ours of fun with this thing until we learned that you could use him as a by grabbing hold again of his mutant ears and swinging him over your head. After breaking a lamp or light, the fun was pretty much gone. They make these nowadays but none are really in the shape of Spider-Man, and none are made of the thick rubber that mine was (probably some silly think like a health hazard or something).

Here is a picture of one.


Rick Doherty

Rick needs to fill in his bio info.

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