A Couple of Cosby Memories

Like everybody else in 1984, I loved The Cosby Show. I’m not sure if I recognized Cosby as the same guy from Fat Albert and Picture Pages, but I knew he was some kind of funny and tuned into NBC every Thursday night. Today, I’ve largely forgotten what happened in the many half-hours I spent with the Huxtable family, but there are two that I still think about from time to time.

The first was the reference to some culinary delight known as “the bacon burger dog”. I don’t exactly know what a bacon burger dog is. I’ve spent several hours thinking about how those three delicious ingredients could be combined into one super-delicious offering, and I’ve come up with several options, but I don’t know which one the Huxtables settled on. I do know the bacon burger dog was mentioned on one episode (which I think had something to do with one of Theo’s girlfriends) I remember well. According to the video below, it was also mentioned on one I don’t.

The second was the infamous Gordon Gartrelle shirt. The plot of this episode was funny enough: Theo can’t afford a designer shirt, Denise tries to make one for him, and hilarity ensues. What I remember even more, though, is that I just happened to be scanning the credits after the end of the show (something I rarely did) and I saw that Gordon Gartrelle was a producer of the show. I understood that they had slid this real-life person’s name into the show as a joke, and I thought that super cool.

There are many other things I remember about The Cosby Show: Cockroach, Bud, the little fat kid, all the Jazz musicians. It really was a great show with a great legacy. These two, though, are my favorite memories. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to my bacon burger dog. Hope I don’t get any on my new Gordon Gartrelle shirt.


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