Ghost Weeble Bop Bag

I’ve been looking for a Weebles Ghost for quite some time. The Weebles Ghost came in the Haunted House and Ghost Van playsets. It’s big feature was that it glowed in the dark and had an adorable face. Seriously, the Weebles Ghost make Casper look like the Elephant Man. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find one that A) is a price I’m willing to pay and B) still has the face on it. Today, though, I found the next best thing: the Ghost Weeble Bop Bag.

Look at those brutes, roughing up this adorable ghost!
Look at those brutes, roughing up this adorable ghost!

I had no idea a Ghost Weeble Bop Bag existed. I had no idea bop bags in general still existed. You’d think they’d have been outlawed along with Jarts for being dangerous and promoting violence. But they did exist at one time, and the Romper Room Company, apparently eager to capitalize on what was no doubt the most popular Weeble of all time, made a Ghost one. The bop bag Ghost has pretty much the same adorable expression as the Weeble figure, which is undeniably the least scary ghost face imaginable, but it also has the word “Boo” and some ghostly legs on it. It’s hard to imagine that kids would be hitting this cute ghost with the gusto that the kids on the package are. Okay, it’s not so hard to imagine. I would have certainly taken a swing at it myself back in the day. But I at least would have felt bad about doing it. After all, he’s such a cute ghost!


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