Were You Good Enough For The Imagic Experts Club?

Imagic Experts Club Title
Taking a page from Activision with their patches for players who snapped a screenshot of their High Scores on Atari 2600 titles and mailed them in, Imagic decided to up the ante by also offering a T-shirt for obtaining ranking scores on three different titles.
Imagic Experts Club 2
If you held the necessary rankings for 6 of the Imagic titles though you would receive something just a bit more awesome than a T-Shirt.
Imagic Experts Club 3

What scores did you have to top to earn these wonderful prizes you might ask?
Imagic Experts Club 4

A huge thanks to AtariAge for the scan of this newsletter!


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4 thoughts on “Were You Good Enough For The Imagic Experts Club?

  1. vinvectrex says:

    I never came close to attaining those scores, but I loved my Imagic games. Demon Attack for the 2600 was great, and Dracula for the Intellivision was gorgeous.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Tried my hand at many of these titles, when our local video game rental store (which was waaaay ahead of its time) held ’em for Atari and Intellivision.
    Carts cost too much to collect back then (at 40 to 80 bucks a pop), but renting them for a week at five bucks was a no-brainer.

    I only had an Atari VCS (bosom buddy…lifelong friend…) but also rented the Intellivision console (25$ a week) and man oh man, Microsurgeon was one the most unique and fun games at the time.
    Also played Swords And Serpents with a buddy (we exchanged the Wizard and Knight player) and *finally* made it to the Dragon (the Serpent himself) and, as it turned out, the foe was just a static figure, encased in a wall we somehow had to get into.
    We died a quick and bored death, putzing around the wall, looking for an entrance or a clue.
    “Wanna try again? Er…from the beginning? We might have another three hours to do it.”
    “Nah. You still got Microsurgeon?”
    “Yeah! Let’s run up that doctor bill!”

    Imagic still rules. Right besides Activision. And Atari itself, naturally.
    I mean, shiney box art is neat, and shiney.
    And rainbows are purty.
    But Atari box art were Louvre-worthy.

    Nice memories of Imagic games, Vic.
    I have more than a few of these lying around here now, from E-Bay scavenging.
    Wanna play a game or two?

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