Saturday Frights – Tales of Tomorrow: A Child Is Crying (1951)

Saturday Frights - Sean Hartter
Welcome back friends to another installment of Saturday Frights! I want to give a huge thank you to The Twilight Zone Network for cluing me in on the Tales of Tomorrow TV series from back in 1951. Until this evening I had sadly never even heard of this series to be quite honest but after watching this third episode from the first season I can see why Twilight Zone fans consider it a precursor to Rod Serling’s famous series.

Developed for Television by Theodore Sturgeon and Mort Abrahamson as well as the membership of the Science Fiction League of America, the original title was planned as Tomorrow is Yours. With a deal set between Richard Gordon and George Foley, the producers of the show were given first choice of any of the 2,000 short stories and 13 novels by the various members of the Science Fiction League. Twilight Zone in fact would later cover one of the episodes/stories that Tales of Tomorrow originally presented entitled “What You Need”. The shows for Tales of Tomorrow were aired live and I think we are lucky this series survived to be shared with a new audience.

For this installment of Saturday Frights we are presenting “A Child is Crying” which originally aired on the ABC Television network on August 17, 1951. It deals with a young child that possess a genius I.Q. being taken from her Mother to work at a Military base but her amazing intellect can only point to the doom of mankind.

A Child is Crying stars Bert Lytell, Robin Morgan, Donald McClellan, Cal Thomas, Shirley Egleston, and Peggy Allenby. So please turn down the lights and grab your favorite beverage as you join us for this Saturday Frights and the Tales of Tomorrow!
[Via] The Twilight Zone Network

Thanks as always to the ever impressive artist Sean Hartter for his wonderful artwork you see displayed up top.


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