Spock Shall Prevail

Anytime Spock has an internal struggle between his Vulcan and Human side, my geek lights shine. I have always thought this little scene from Gold Key Comics captures that struggle well. I am still a little unsure why he is choking himself in that 2nd image, but check out that last pose. Spock is looking over some distant Vulcan horizon like a pointy eared Eastwood. Ready to lay a logic beat down on all of our enemies.



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2 thoughts on “Spock Shall Prevail

  1. I am a big fan of old Gold key Star Trek books. It seems that the older books made on Sci -Fi franchises were always better than the ones made in today’s market. Gold Key Star Trek and original Marvel Star Wars are justification of this.

    It seemed that they worked closer with concepts seen on the TV series or Motion Pictures and added elements and characters that made sense in the universe we knew.

    Newer books like the Dark Horse Star Wars books and the hundreds of Star Trek books tend to go outside of the know universe in an attempt to create its own expanded universe much to the detriment of the storylines.

  2. The scene kinda reminds me of the trek choose your own adventure type books (I think they were pick-a-path brand or something).

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