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If I haven’t mentioned them before, Vintage Stock is an “entertainment superstore” that deals in new and used video games, movies, music, sports collectibles, and one of my favorite things, toys. Based in the Midwest with stores in Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas, Vintage Stock always has a large selection of new toys and an even bigger selection of vintage toys. When I’m looking for vintage Star Wars figures to round out my collection, Vintage Stock is the first place I go.

In the back of the location nearest to me there’s a giant “junk box,” or as I like to call it, the “Island of Misfit Toys.” These bins are full of old action figures and Happy Meal toys. There’s not much in these bins that I would put in my personal collection, but my kids love digging through them every time we go.

That’s my daughter, digging through the bin. Toys located in the bin are 25 cents each, so with just a little bit of Christmas money the kids can usually find something cool to walk out of the store with. The store also sells old, generic Pokemon cards 10/$1, so my son usually leaves with Pokemon cards and my daughter leaves with a few toys from the Island of Misfits bins.

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