Jeopardy Theme 8-bit De-make

Need to do some thinking? How about some 8-bit thinking? Peachy, our resident 8-bit music magician, has you covered with his Jeopardy Theme 8-bit De-make. Be warned once you hear it you will be clamoring for them to replace the TV show music with this…


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3 thoughts on “Jeopardy Theme 8-bit De-make

  1. Not bad, although mayhap a tad redundant. Jeopardy had various incarnations on NES and gameboy, each with 8-bit music, though the game music had a tendancy to be too high pitched in each case. There were also SNES and genesis ones with music close to the original, but of course those were 16-bit not 8-bit. You can find examples of these if you look on youtube.

    Interestingly, when I was looking for examples of game music for jeopardy, I found a clip of a 1978 episode of the show. This has art fleming as the host, and (most shocking to me), red as the most predominant color, instead of the familiar blue:

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I couldn’t think of an answer.
    I was too busy enjoying the bitted music!

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