Merry Christmas from the Metaluna Mutant

Merry Christmas from the Metaluna Mutant

One of the worst things about Christmas is accidentally giving someone a gift that they already have. I eliminated that possibility with my father this year by making him an 8′ tall Metaluna Mutant for Christmas.

My Dad is a fan of 1950’s Science Fiction, so the mutant from 1955’s This Island Earth (the film spoofed in the original MST3K movie) seemed like the perfect choice for a piece of Christmas artwork. Nobody’s going to fight those claws for the last slice of pie this holiday season, no sir!

For a long and detailed look at how I created this monster you can check out this lengthy post on my website that shows every step of the process, from cutting the wood to painting the details.

Rob O'Hara

I'm into old video games, old arcade games, old computer games, writing, photography, computer/network security, and of course, the 1980s!

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  1. That should always be in someone’s front yard.

  2. Great job, Rob!

    This alien informed my growing sci-fi mind about the wonderful weirdness awaiting us in space.
    Spotted the Metaluna in Famous Monsters and on covers of random monster and sci-fi mags, in the 70s.

    A wonderful design for an alien.
    And your dad has great taste in sci-fi.

    Yeah, I never watched the MST3K spoofing cuz I respect the movie so much, I couldn’t enjoy laughing at it.

    Gotta rewatch it now.

  3. Flack…I just thought I had a great Christmas because of those King Kong glasses…now I know that I’ve always been missing a Metaluna Mutant for my very own! Great post!

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