Please watch Just the Ten of Us

I was a die hard watcher of Just the Ten of Us. I bring it up to people all the time and most have never heard of it and those that have heard of it think that it was only a one season wonder. This show mattered I scream at them! It was not just a Growing Pains spinoff, but it was moderately successful. It went for 3 seasons and had limitless possibilities when they canceled it! By this time they usually have wandered off. Some people just don’t want to learn.

Someone please release this on DVD.


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9 thoughts on “Please watch Just the Ten of Us

  1. Here’s a horror kid fun fact: This show featured 2 actors from 4 different Nightmare on Elm Street films, Heather Langenkamp from Nightmares 1, 3, and 7, and Broke Theiss from Nightmare 4!

  2. I noticed the NOES connection, and the hotties as well. I also noticed how they changed the one character. She was as smart as the others on Growing Pains, but she became stupid on JTTOU.

  3. theflyingdachshund says:

    From what I remember reading somewhere… The majority of the cast were in episodes of Growing Pains as different characters, as well as the JTTOU characters… Kinda strange, but interesting, I spose…

  4. FluffyPup says:

    I loved the episodes where they formed a singing group! Those were amongst my favorite – every Friday night at 9:30, right after Mr. Belvedere if I remember correctly.

  5. zmbdog says:

    @Daniel Heather even name-dropped NOES in an episode (first?) and J.R. was often seen in a NOES 3 t-shirt. There were even rumors that Heidi Zeigler was a jump-rope girl in one of the films. Probably not true but they were rarely credited, so who knows?
    The most shocking part was hearing Heather say it was all coincidence! No producers, casting directors or any other kind of connection between the show and NOES other than 3 Elm St. girls all happening to audition and all getting a part.

  6. zmbdog says:

    Those are my favorites too but they are also the reason why there will never be a DVD (aside from lack of demand). Licensing would have to be negotiated and/or cleared for every song that was used since the original deals only covered broadcast rights. Those are probably expired by now too. Does this show air on any networks now?

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