Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas

Yep, another {insert hero} saves xmas plot. This time, Doctor Claw takes over the north pole by hypnotizing Santa’s elves. His goal is to make all the little kiddies mistrust Santa by replacing all the toys with broken & defective ones. Apparently Santa didn’t give Claw some evil trick sled that he asked for once, so now Claw is ticked.

Inspector Gadget is sent in to find out what’s going on (you never would have guessed that from the title, would you?), thinks Claw is really Santa and that the real Santa is some fake. Of course, as any fan of inspector Gadget knows, Gadget doesn’t save jack, Penny & Brain do all the saving. …Although Gadget does give us an abbreviated
weird version of the 12 days of Christmas song, it’s too bad he didn’t go all the way to 12.

All in all, this is a pretty good special. I thought I had watched it back in the day (I was a big Inspector Gadget fan at one point, though I eventually grew to find his exploits annoying), but none of it seemed familiar as I was watching it for this review.


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