Biker Mice Celebrate Christmas

Biker Mice Celebrate Christmas

While this isn’t a “special”, this is a holiday themed episode of one of my favorite shows, Biker Mice From Mars (the original version, not that half-assed remake).

It starts out with the titular mice playing santa for some orphans. The mice get wild & crazy (as anyone who knows the show knows is normal for them) with an out of control snowball fight. At the conclusion of which, they notice some strange little robots stealing the snow.

The evil Lawrence Limburger, his henchman Dr. Karbunkle, and his “henchman(woman) of the day”, the Weathermeister are plotting to steal all the Erath’s water in the form of snow and ice, ship some of it back to Plutark, and hold the rest as ransom. (Limburger plans to make the world give him their natural resources in exchange for sips of water.)

To achieve this, the Weathermeister brings about a heavy blizzard, then they use “snow sucker” robots to send the snow to a giant ice cream bowl in the sky. The Mice won’t stand for it though (especially after Limburger destroys the orphanage) and fight him. In the end, the Mice sabotage the robots (which have been merged into a single giant
robot), which captures the villains, destroys their headquarters, and makes a new orphanage out of the remains of said evil headquarters.

Here’s the first part of the episode:


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