The Berenstain Bears Christmas Tree

Here’s yet another obscure holiday special for your enjoyment.

This is classic Berenstain Bears. I used to absolutely adore the Berenstain Bears’ various specials when I was little. Now the endless rhyming starts getting rather grating if you watch more than a couple of them per year, but still…..

The plot is pretty straight-forward. The bears set out to chop down a Christmas tree (hence the title of the special), but every one they find is occupied by some forest creatures. They decide to leave each one alone and wind up returning home empty handed. All is not lost however, for the animals they spared in their journey all came over to
surprise them by decorating their own tree. The message throughout is that all th creatures of the forest should be treated with kindness and that they are all sentient. Apparently this doesn’t apply to fish though. Apparently any animal that’s tasty is fair game (literally).

I should warn all of you though, sometimes this special watches YOU:


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One thought on “The Berenstain Bears Christmas Tree

  1. I still have this special on an old vhs tape, alongside the original chipmunks movie, beetlejuice, and daffy duck’s quackbusters. I don’t remember whether or not it has the original commercials with it.

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