Christmas Comes to Pac-Land

The Pac-Man 1980s cartoon was nothing special by any technical standard, but both the artwork and the soundtrack had a great deal of charm. It always just made me feel really good when I watched it. That is why it (and by extension, this holiday special) will always rank among my favs.

The basic plot is a typical “{insert famous person} saves xmas” one, but it adds some unique features. For one thing, it has a human (other than that evil overlord guy) interacting with the Pac world (which has apparently never seen humans before, and never heard of Christmas). It starts out as a typical episode of the cartoon, with the Pac family having fun in the snow, then getting attacked by the ghost monsters. The Pac family eat some power pellets & turn the
ghosties into eyeballs. This turns out to be really bad timing though because Santa is flying overhead just as the ghosts’ eyes are flying away. The eyes spook the reindeer & Santa comes crashing down.

Now The Pac family has to help Santa fix his sleigh, recover the bag of toys, heal the reindeer, and get it all done in time to finish delivering the toys. They do manage to get it done, but not quite in time. Pac-Man gets an idea though; He feeds the reindeer power pellets. This gives them enough speed to finish their round quickly. As a parting gift (in more ways than one), Santa leaves Pac-Land with their first Christmas tree and presents.

For the trivia buffs out there, this special also includes a nod to the original cabinet artwork. When one of the ghost monsters (Inky) comes out of the dresser, he’s wearing the wrong outfit:


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