Richard Pryor in “The Toy”

Back in the 1980s my friend’s Uncle would bring him all sorts of random gifts. One of those random gifts was a copy of the Richard Pryor film, The Toy. When you had a video tape back then, they often weren’t cheap, so you would really take advantage of access and watch the heck out of that movie. That is exactly what we did with The Toy. We watched it while eating lunch, playing board games, you name it. Even now when its on and I find myself watching it I can often recite parts of the film word for word.


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4 thoughts on “Richard Pryor in “The Toy”

  1. Batfan says:

    I actually got to sit in the toy race car from the film when I was a kid. My Uncles own an auto shop and it came in for some work.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    A fun movie with two comedy giants.

    Underplays the potential, I think, but it’s so darn enjoyable.
    We had the original Euro-French version here a few years before (called Le Jouet, in 1976) with a renowned French comic actor in the lead.
    More of a one-man show, if I remember correctly.

    Pryor’s version is more controversial in that it uses the old racial tropes to play against the material (though this flew over my head as an unbiased kid).
    And The Toy is more of a two-man show, with Gleason’s powerhouse presence.

    I gotta watch these back-to-back at some point.

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