Raggedy Ann & Andy Xmas Special

Raggedy Ann & Andy Xmas Special

Here’s a somewhat obscure special from Chuck Jones. Everyone’s familiar with his Grinch special, but how many of you remember this raggedy Ann & Andy one?

This is a special which I enjoyed as a kid, but had mostly forgotten about until recent years. This special feels more like that cartoon where Wile E. Coyote goes against Bugs Bunny.

The plot is surprisingly unique, although it certainly has it’s cheesey elements. The Big Bad Wolf goes to the north pole to seal all the presents in Gloopstick (a sort of daimond-like resin he’s invented). This will make the toys unbreakable and will also force all the kids to pay for their presents, since the wolf owns all the Gloopstick patents. Of course, while the presents are indeed unbreakable, they are also unplay-with-able, as they are now permanently encased in a block of resin.

The Big Bad Wolf then seals the Raggedys’ dog in Gloopstick and tries to do the same to the Raggedys themselves. They turn the tables though and turn him into a Gloopstick xmas tree forever. …..Or for the next five minutes at least. For you see, next comes a major “would you like some wine with all that cheese?” moment; Raggedy Ann & Andy then break the fourth wall and use audience participation to “love away” the Gloopstick. Yes, apparently love is actually the world’s most powerful acid.

Anyhoo, the Big Bad Wolf becomes the Big Good Wolf, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Watch the special yourself & relive old memories, or create new ones:


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  1. My least fondest memory of the Raggedy Ann & Andy cartoons was the one with the candy quicksand monster. I am positive this is not the cartoon ,but man, that monster literally gave me reoccuring nightmares as a child even though I had no problem watching it in the daytime.

  2. I believe you’re thinking of the “musical adventure” movie. I remember seeing it on TV when I was about 9. I was excited because I had liked the xmas & halloween specials & was expecting more of the same. Instead I was presented with some bizarre …something. I think I only sat through about half of it, repeatedly walking away & then coming back 20 minutes later to find it still dragging on.

    Is this the scene you’re thinking of? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iC7PtQh4gA8

  3. that is indeed the one.

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