Atari Christmas Checklist

This list is just as applicable for me now as it was for me in the 1980s.

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6 thoughts on “Atari Christmas Checklist

  1. Hardly anyone gets nostalgic for underwear from the 1980’s. Although I do kinda miss the old Fruit of The Loom logo.

  2. Bob Gosh says:

    As cool as Underoos in my size would be, this would be a pretty sweet Christmas list! Gotta add Yar’s Revenge! Tell me the whole screen blowing up when you destroyed the ship wasn’t awesome!

  3. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Those checklist icons are great!
    Wonder if I could outfit my desktop with those.

    Greatly enjoyed checklist ads in comics and catalog selection coupons with checklists in the backs of Famous Monster, Starlog and the like.
    I’d spend a lotta quality time imagining what to pick if I only had two or three choices (never just one) and what I’d do with the items.

    Turns out, I had lots of imaginary fun with ungotten items.

    Didn’t take up much space either.

  4. Always liked playing Jungle Hunt in the arcade and on the 2600. The arcade I went to as pretty small and there was not much of a line to play it, unlike Miss PacMan and Donkey Kong… Now will have to get my USB 2600 controller out and play a few rounds on an emulator….

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