A Voltron Christmas Story

A Voltron Christmas Story

Sometimes a fond Christmas memory comes not just from the gift you got and loved as a kid but the thought that you didn’t even realize until you were older. Those of you who know my father know he’s not the most personable guy. We were always well provided and cared for but he was never much on emotions. He really does have his moments though, leading to what would become one of my fondest Christmas memories ever.

Mid 80s, I don’t remember the exact year, I wake up Christmas morning to find a huge visit from Santa, headlined by the entire, newly released Voltron force! The large set that stood around 2′ when assembled! All 5 lions & their pilots! The ultimate Christmas! I was happier than Ralphie with his Red Ryder! As kids, we had that big gift that made our Christmas great every year, so what makes this one so special?

Well my Christmas was consumed with Voltron, later that day while playing my dad was walking by, stepped on and broke the left front leg of the red lion! A horror and devastation I would never forget! The day after Christmas, dad gets me up early and says “come with me”. A while later we arrive at Toys R Us on Wolf Rd in Albany, NY. Not something I thought about then but the biggest toy store around, right at opening, the day after Christmas? You’d have to be insane! Or you’d have to care that much about your son to go through the insanity to make him happy.

My dad took us into the sea of people for one purpose, to replace my broken red lion! Some time later, we made it through and got out of the store and I was happy, on the way home with my new red lion! At the time of course I was just happy to have my lion replaced not understanding the hell my dad had to go through to make it happen. Looking back on what dad did to make sure I was happy on Christmas turned out to be the real present that would make it one of the greatest and most memorable Christmases ever. Remember, it’s not always the gift but the thought and the story that makes it memorable! Merry Christmas!


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  1. An excellent first post! Thanks for sharing and welcome to The Retroist!

  2. Good post. It is amazing how different the Voltron commercial is from the Star Wars and other toy commercials. This is the kind of commercial I would see early morning Sundays, and it just has a je ne sais que about it that makes the product seem truly otherworldly.

  3. Thanks, this is the first time I’ve ever posted anything outside of Facebook and it was always an important story to me, I wanted to share it. The commercials did rock! Now, I know we all tried but did anyone ever come close to putting together a setting like they had in the commercials when you were playing with the toys?

  4. A very moving memory. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Greatly enjoyed your shared memories.
    Sure does take me back.

  6. I know that Toys R Us! I just moved from Albany this year after 11 years…

  7. A very touching story… thanks for sharing. I have a few Christmas stories that I will hopefully never forget from when I was a kid and they all similarly come down to the “comfort & joy” more than just the presents & the toy. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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