Did The Twilight Zone Produce a Holiday Classic??

I never watched much of the Twilight Zone when I was a kid but last year while trying to get the most Christmas Cheer I could out of Netflix, I ran across an episode entitled “The Night of the Meek” and watched it. I instantly fell in love with the episode and have watched it again this year.

The episode stars Art Carney as a drunk department store Santa. He shows up late to his gig (after staying too long at a bar) and after upsetting a well off mother and her child, he is fired by the Manager played by John Fiedler( the voice of Piglet). Prior to leaving the store he goes on a long rant about how he wishes that the poor and suffering would get what they want for Christmas and if he was Santa he would grant that wish.

He leaves the store and while traveling down an alley finds a bag that at first is just a bag of old cans but magically turns into a presents. He learns that the bag allows him to give people what they ask him for and somewhat play a Santa Clause.

Without giving anything else away I highly recommend watching this episode. It is from the second season of Twilight Zone. It is available on Netflix and it also will air on the SYFY network on Christmas. For a twilight Zone episode it has a big heart and it is very much what the Christmas season is all about. I find Rod Serling did a very good job of adding Christmas magic into this episode. An interesting thing about the episode is that Art Carney gives a pure drama performance rather than the comedy and slap stick he is known for. Who knows, you may add it to your annual watching also.



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