Jack Frost (1979)

Jack Frost (1979)

When you ask most people to name a Rankin and Bass Holiday classic they will probably reply with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer or perhaps Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. One of my favorites though and one most people do not know of has always been Jack Frost, which originally aired December 13, 1979 on NBC. The story is of how Jack Frost (Robert Morse) who just so happens to be an immortal Winter sprite who falls head over heels with Elisa (Debra Clinger) after rescuing her. Wanting to become Human so Elisa will accept him, Jack meeting with Father Winter (Paul Frees) asks to be transformed into flesh and blood. Father Winter agrees to do so but cautions Jack that if he doesn’t succeed in being Human by the first sign of Spring he will become a sprite once again. How can Jack succeed you might ask? By earning a house, a bag of gold, a horse, and a Wife.

Will Jack Frost be able to accomplish all of this? You’ll just have to watch won’t you?
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By the way, if the name Robert Morse sounds familiar it just might be besides many things he is currently playing Bertram Cooper on AMC’s Mad Men.


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