The Joker’s Wild Christmas Episode of 1972

One o my favorite game shows growing up was The Joker’s Wild. I could watch it and Press Your Luck till the cows came home. Something about their visuals and randomness that I found wildly entertaining. I never got to see this particular Christmas episode, with its very special guest, but thanks to the internet I can now experience it again and again.


Garry Vander Voort

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2 thoughts on “The Joker’s Wild Christmas Episode of 1972

  1. I loved the joker’s wild. The gameplay was fun but the main thing was something about the atmosphere of the show. I don’t recall any specific episodes (such as a holiday episode) though.

    I also liked press your luck, the fun round at least. The trivia type round was boring & annoying “just stfu and get to the whammies!” was what I always thought when I was watching it.

  2. Lawl, he borked the intro. “Where people spin levers and pull categories”, as he’s miming pulling levers & spinning categories.

    I want that TV she won, though it’s hilarious that the host was so surprised that she didn’t hesitate about losing the crappy doll in order to win the TV set. Who in the world would hesitate to risk a $10 doll which only a little girl might enjoy for a chance to get a $500 TV set which anyone & everyone can enjoy?

    That woman is hot, but wtf. Santa claus=saint christopher??? Who in the universe doesn’t know “saint nick”?? Oh… The blonde on this show… Nevermind. :p

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