Santa Claus: The Movie For The Atari 2600?

Well, sadly there is no such Atari 2600 title. Though the talented Stargunner over on the AtariAge Forums did post this mock up of what the Box Art for the cartridge might have looked like.

I guess the market crash in 1983 and the lingering effects of it upon the industry up to 1985 when the Nintendo Entertainment System was released is actually what ensured that we never received an official Atari cart to tie-in to the film’s Holiday release.

So to all of you very talented people who visit the Retroist, do you think you can whip up a Santa Claus: The Movie game for the Atari 2600? Some people might think 27 years is too long a wait to find this cart under their tree this Christmas…but I’m not one of those people.


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2 thoughts on “Santa Claus: The Movie For The Atari 2600?

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    One of my favorite things to think about (when the VCS was King!), was how the movies I liked could be adapted to Atari gameplay.

    It was a thrill to imagine what key character features and scenes would be adaptable to a few repetitive screens and action to produce a fun game.

    It was all about imagination, as the background story filled in the blanks left by the demonstrated limits of the system – at the time.

    Then, Activision, Imagic and Parker Brothers stretched it to the limit and showed the merits of the granddaddy of video game console.

    Now it seems too easy to make 3D actioners, but it all seems so colorless, violent for violence’s sake and unimaginative – I still play ’em though.

    But yeah, just the sight of homemade retro cart art sends me flying off in 8-bit wonder.

    (I’ll admit, though, Santa Claus: the Movie never crossed my mind with this)
    (It will now)

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