When Metal Ruled the World, Dio was King!

When I put the question of what artists to feature in this series to our readers here at The Retroist, a name kept appearing like a shining beacon through a steel hued haze of demonic miasma, chanted by a chorus of voices a thousand strong (o.k., it was two readers, angela(toao) and MZA, but I assure you they shouted it really loud)! That name? Dio!

As I mentioned before, Def Leppard’s Rock of Ages was the prototypical metal video, but 1983 was a year fraught with all things heavy, and while Rock of Ages was like the video equivalent of a comic book version of a yarn from Weird Tales, Dio’s Holy Diver was the equivalent of 80’s sword and sorcery fare such as the Roger Corman produced Deathstalker series, or D’Amato’s Ator the Fighting Eagle, as it presented barbaric action filmed with grit on an ultra-low budget.

So what does the video contain? Let’s see: Dio fights an overweight dude who turns into a pile of rats, there’s a demon shadow superimposed over lava, an unimpressed blacksmith, evil eyed creatures in robes, and branches…lots and lots of branches. But, you know what the video contains the most? Pure Awesome!

Dio was one of metal’s finest voices. A true talent that was taken away from us too soon, and while the video may be low budget; it does nothing to diminish the quality of the song or the legend that sang it. Check it out here and relive a time when metal was the world, and Dio it’s king!

Until next time, Stay Spooky!

Daniel XIII

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