Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Soundtrack

The holiday season is upon us, which means it is time to dust off those holiday specials plop down on the couch and enjoy the magic of Rankin/Bass and their holiday creations. I kicked off my watching with the broadcast of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer last week and I know I will watch it again at least one more time before the month is over. I know a lot of people are fans of the special, but have you ever though about picking up the soundtrack to this stop-motion classic? I picked up this CD back in the mid 1990s and while I have digitized much of my music, I still grab this CD to pop in the car each December (and it usually stays in there till March when I remember to take it out of the car).

At $4.99 the CD is a bargain. It has 19 songs that are guaranteed to make you smile and more than likely get you to sing along and with Rankin/Bass classics like, “We’re A Couple Of Misfits” and “Jingle Jingle Jingle”, no one will blame you (or be able to resist singing along themselves).

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