Saturday Frights – The Ray Bradbury Theater: “Tyrannosaurus Rex”

Saturday Frights – The Ray Bradbury Theater: “Tyrannosaurus Rex”

Welcome back to all of you to a new installment of Saturday Frights. The always awesome artwork you see up top by Sean Hartter means that it’s time once again to delve through the dark and confusing labyrinth of the internet to bring you a visual retro treat.

Tonight we have an episode from the 1988 Ray Bradbury Theater TV series, entitled “Tyrannosaurus Rex”. The story this episode is based upon was originally published in 1962 as ‘The Prehistoric Producer’ and was crafted as tribute to the equally legendary Ray Harryhausen.

This episode concerns an animator named John Terwilliger, played by Cris Campion, who is hired by belligerent movie producer Joe Clarence (Jim Dunk) to create special effects for a low budget prehistoric film. Unable to satisfy Clarence with his attempts at a stop motion Tyrannosaurus Rex…John finds that to truly bring the beast to life onscreen he must first use the perfect model as inspiration.

Tonight’s offering might be short on scares but as it comes from the late great Ray Bradbury it makes up for it in a sense of wonder and nostalgia. So dim the lights and grab a bowl of your favorite snack as you enjoy the Ray Bradbury Theater here on Saturday Frights!
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