ThinkGeek and Marvel Present…the M.O.D.O.K. Mug!

There we have it friends, the ultimate gift for anyone you know who happens to be a fan of Marvel Comics. A 100% genuine official M.O.D.O.K. coffee mug from those geniuses at ThinkGeek and Marvel Comics!

From the Press Release: “Originally built as a supercomputer, MODOK was a fantastic step forward in computational sciences. But the Mobile Organism Designed Only for Computing became too ambitious. Killing his creators, MODOK became designed only for Killing! But now that Death Adder and the Serpent Society took care of him, we hollowed MODOK out and decided to use him as a beverage holder.

Laugh in the face of a once mighty supervillain as you lightly sip from the hollowed remains of his superior cranium. The only question that remains is this: do you want cream, sugar, or revenge? Bwhahahaha. Just cream? Okay.”

“Product Specifications

Mobile Organism Designed Only for Koffee
Officially licensed by Marvel
Capable of superhuman heat resistance
Fill with coffee to give yourself superhuman intelligence
Capacity: approximately 20 ounces
Love MODOK, handwash only”

A big thanks to Comics Alliance for the heads up on this awesome Holiday gift idea!


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